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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy
of all.

Michael LeBoeuf

We support organisations with:

“My contact person understands immediately why the candidate was introduced for an interview”

The healthcare market is a strongly developing market. Especially the past few decennia with e.g. the commercialisation of healthcare, the growing influence of the health insurance companies, digitalisation, but also the different commercial market approaches from the industry in this market, amount to an enormous transition. For every organisation in this market, these transitions require agility, the capability to be flexible, responsive and adapt quickly to the needs of the market. When starting a search to fill your position, STR will advise you on this aspect of the modern healthcare market. 

As a STRategic partner for our clients we can give you an overview of the talent pool, as well as developments within the branch and related positions. On an operational level we see it as our responsibility think constructively and be involved when defining the function profile and when identifying and approaching the right potential candidates. But most importantly, it is up to us to make the right match in every sense of the word, from competency to personality. This is the added value we bring as a recruiter. Finding that perfect match, where everything just clicks, is what makes our profession so satisfying.